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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Designing Our Home

When Kuya mentioned that he started cleaning up and redesigning our ancient house in Bulacan, I immediately thought of Minimalism and Modern Living combo. Thanks to IKEA, HGTV and Google for design inspirations.

The priorities are the kitchen and living room. We're on a tight budget so my bedroom will have to wait for now.

For the kitchen, there HAS to be an island where Kuya or I can prepare whatever we're cooking. I dunno but the kitchen looks "sosyal" with an island.

Cabinets are so 2000 and late.
For the living room, I want no clutter at all.

I love the low coffee table.
As I was searching for designs, I came across this laundry room. Simple yet nice lookin'.
I'll keep on looking for more A-mazing designs.



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