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Monday, May 25, 2009

Extreme MagicSing

One thing you'll notice when you unbox this baby is that, it has a nice-looking case/bag. That means, it's waaaay easier to carry around now. Plus point.

Unlike before where the mic is an all-in-one package, this time, the X18K Gold edition comes with a base which houses the chips too (max of four). That means, the microphones are much lighter (not a fan of the gold color though). Yep, you have 2 wireless microphones you can use simultaneously. Each mic uses 2 AA batteries so stock up on rechargeable ones if you want a long night of music & fun.

There is a remote control where you can also type in the song number, adjust tempo, volume or do a search. Unforch, I tried the search feature and it only works by chip. So if you're looking for all the songs with "Kiss", it will only give you the first one from the first chip it sees. More improvement in the future, I hope.

I have Tagalog chips 3, 4, 6 and 7. If I load them all, I won't get to access all of them. What I do is I load whatever song chip I need. One at a time. Compatibility issue but there's a workaround.

We all have favorite songs to sing, right? For Ryan, it's "Beautiful in My Eyes"; for Ogz, "Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin"; for Richie, it's "To Where You Are". Teehee. Anyhoo, you can save up to 100 songs and you won't have to look at the songbook again.

Speaking of songbook, I give props to the peeps behind this MagicSing for the nice redesign.

This version has a recording capability though. I tried it with the song "Butterfly". You can actually do backups or duets by yourself! Pretty awesome!

Let's go back to the fact that the mics are both wireless. It is a big PLUS since you're not forced to stay close to the telly. In fact, when this product was being tested at Anson's where I bought it, the sales associate stood, like, 30 feet away from the teevee and I could still hear him sing!



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