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Monday, May 18, 2009

First Day @ Work

Left Bulacan at 6:30 in the morning. It's Monday so I'm expecting heavy traffic. Suprisingly, I reached our Makati office at 9:30-ish. Yay! I'm not late for my first day at work.

Jun is still doing sumpthin' on my computer so I can't do anything yet. Good thing there's WiFi. I was able to update my Facebook right away.

I asked my co-worker, Randy, about the resetting of password 'cause he also has a Mac. After a few minutes of research, he showed me a link plus the commands to reset the admin password. Here it is:

Press Command-S on startup.
You'll get a console. Type /sbin/fsck -y and press Enter.
/sbin/mount -uaw and press Enter.
rm /var/db/.applesetupdone and press Enter.
reboot and press Enter.

The last thing to do is to reset the password after you logged in as the new administrator.

I sent the commands to my Kuya and asked him to do it for me. After a few tries, he was able to do it. Moral lesson: Never change your password while drunk/sleepy. I've been trying all day yesterday to remember but I couldn't. Sonofabiatch!

For brekky, Ogz, Richie, Beng and I went to Jollibee. I had corned beef meal plus an extra serving of corned beef. Yummy!

At lunchtime, I went to the nearest BPI bank and opened an account. Their online banking is amazing. I could start paying my HSBC credit card without hassle. Usually, I ask Nikks to do it for me while I was abroad. Super thanks, Nikks! I truly appreciate the effort.

I also checked out GB5. Bought some toiletries that I could use at work. I also went inside the Anson's store. I found out that there's already T9 chip for MagicSing. It contains some of my favorites: "Almost Over You", "Butterfly", "Yellow", "It's My Turn", "She Will Be Loved", and "Someone That I Used to Love". Of course, I just have to get it.



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