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Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Krispy Kreme Donut & Coffee

Got an e-mail from Beng containing information on how to get a Krispy Kreme chocolate donut and coffee for free. Who doesn't like freebies, eh?

So I filled out the necessary deets like full name, e-mail, where the nearest KK shop is to my location, etc.

That's it. I got a second e-mail that I need to print and present to get my free stuff. Yay!

I also sent out invites to my friends who like donuts/coffee. I even created Mang Ruds an e-mail account so he can have a free donut too ;oP

Today, Raz, Ogz, Beng, Richie, Mike and I claimed our free stuff. I went to the counter and presented the coupon. The guy behind the counter asked for my ID. Shortly after, I enjoyed the sweet chocolate donut with my bitter coffee.
I couldn't taste the chocolate on my donut 'cause the glaze tastes stronger. Maybe I'm just an Original Glazed fan.

Before leaving, I bought donuts for Lance, Fiona, Angela, Kuya and myself ;oP



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