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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goldilocks & Royce Chocolates

Beng, Ogz, Raz and I went to Goldilocks for lunch. I miss Kare-Kare so I ordered it. Raz got herself some diniguan, Ogz got bopis and Beng ordered the fish steak. It took a long while for her food to get served.

The rest of us got curious as to its taste so we had a small bite of her fish. It wasn't that delish for me. I'll stick to Diniguan, Bopis and Beef Nilaga.

After lunch, I went back to the BPI bank near our office and claimed my ATM card. I also applied for a credit card with Ogz as my reference. Hopefully they could give me my second credit card. Although I'm quite happy with my current one from HSBC.

I also found out that Greenbelt 5 has a stall for Royce chocolates. My friend, Anetski, gave me my first Royce chocolates years back and I miss the taste. Next week, I plan to buy some for me and my family.



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