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Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Fiesta!

At the end of the month, usually on the last Friday, we celebrate the birthdays of our co-workers as a group. For May, we only have one person though—Racquel.

The theme is "Fiesta" or feast so we had tokwa't baboy, goto, puto't diniguan, lumpiang toge and turon. I tasted everything except the diniguan. The hot goto was delish! Complete with the toasted garlic, onion leeks and calamansi. The turon has langka (had two). Sweet and yummy!

To complete the celebration, we have buntings (thanks to Ruds who made 'em) and folk songs were played while we eat. Bonggang-bongga!
There were many leftovers so Meng, our HR, advised us to bring home food. Just like in a typical fiesta ;oP


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