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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Last Night of the World

Woke up with Anbby standing beside me. Got disoriented a bit so I wasn't hearing what he was saying. He needed someone to accompany him to the airport. Riiiight, we need to pick up a new car.

I quickly dressed up and went downstairs to meet the Avis representative. Turned out that he couldn't fix the steering wheel lock either and it already needs a pro mechanic.

So we drove to the car rental located near the airport. Avis gave us another Hyundai but instead of white, it's now bloody red.

I got the key to prevent Anbby to drive it. On the way home, we grabbed McDonald's for brekky.

Our refrigerator is already empty so we called the other apartment to ask if they have food. Ryan cooked some bachoy so we headed down there. I miss my Daddy's bachoy so it felt good to be eating this dish again (after a long while).

Ogz's flight to LA leaves at 6 so I, along with Onaks and Alwyn, drove him to the airport around 3. On the way home, we grabbed some McDonald's for snacks. I had some fries and hot fudge sundae. Mmmm!

Took a nap till 8 pm. After my shower, I heard voices in the living room. Anbby and Karen were there. They already bought some dinner from Popeyes (super thanks, Karen!). We went to the other apartment and joined them for dinner. They were also watching "Kill Bill".

Around 10, Karen, Jet and I went back to Bar 301. Our booze supply was already low so we headed down to Harris Teeter and bought some Michelob Ultra & snacks. Onaks joined us later.

Played Pusoy Dos and Tong-its and talked about random stuff (fetish was the major topic).

One thing about being drunk (or tipsy) is that you laugh at just about anything. For tonight, it was Karen's way of saying "I'm not sure!" According to Jet, she sounded like a Korean who just learned English. It was funny.

Finished around 4:30ish.


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