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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Leaving the US

My alarm went off at 7:15. Ugh! I need more sleep. We ended our mini party only 2 hours ago.

At quarter to 8, I heated some cooking oil. I will be cooking spam and egg for my brunch. Airport food is expensive and usually not that good. I packed some for lunch and left the rest for Anbby. I dashed to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Dressed up and finished my packing.

Around 9, I checked on Anbby. Went to his room and found him still snoring loudly. Ugh! I tapped his leg to wake him up.

Anbby dropped me off at the airport. I grabbed a cart (paid 3 bucks) and dragged my luggage to Counter 8 (for International flights). I already checked in my stuff and selected my seat online the night before so it was a quick process. The lady behind the counter informed me that I still need to get my other boarding pass in Japan.

She gave me back my passport and handed me my boarding pass.

There's a special line for United Premier passengers so I walked towards it. That's the perk Ogz & I got for traveling weekly to South Carolina early last year.

Boarded the shuttle to Gate C3. While waiting to get boarded, I ate my brunch.

At noon, we started boarding. I'm a Premier member so I was one of the peeps who boarded first. Sweet! A young guy who looks Puerto Rican or Venezuelan sat beside me.

While waiting for the other peeps to arrive, I heard peeps coughing & sneezing nearby. I looked at the guy sitting beside me and we both gave a nervous laugh. "Uh-oh. I hope that's not swine flu," I said. We chit-chat a bit. Found out that he just came back from Miami. I told him about my recent Miami trip. He lives in Japan now. I told him about my limited Japanese phrases. Found out later he's Venezuelan.

I was able to watch "Bride Wars" starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. The latter is sooo pretty. Enjoyed the film and cried. Another movie I saw was "Seven Pounds" starring Will Smith. I cried again. Why is it that in all of Will's movies, he has a running scene and there's a canine participation?

During dinner, we were served noodles. I got my leftover Spam & rice and ate it with the noodles. Thank God for packed food.

No alarming turbulence. Thank God!


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