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Friday, May 01, 2009

New York City, See You Later

After work today, we headed up north where the Statue of Liberty has been standing for more than a hundred years. It takes about 4-5 hours to drive there and as usual, I'm behind the wheel of the van. 

Many of our friends, namely, Karen, Herbert, Anbby and Ony, haven't seen the city yet so Ogz, Joy & I will be their tour guide. 

For dinner, we had some chicken at KFC in Baltimore (I think). They don't have corn on the cob here. What's interesting is, this branch had a LOT of angry customers that night. An old woman demanded to get her money back for waiting for her food for more than 20 minutes. Another woman came back to return an uncooked gravy.

'twas already past 1 when we reached New York. We passed by a billboard of Manny Pacquiao near the Port Authority. Made a mental note not to leave the city without a photo with it.

Tomorrow will be a long day of sightseeing so we had to get some rest first. Ogz's Tita in Queens was surprised to see a big group this time.



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