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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ooh, Baby, Baby, It's a Wired(less) World

Kuya used to manage resorts in Boracay but now he works as a PM at the Paseo Center in Makati. He didn't wanna be late for his first day at work so he left around 5 in the morning. I was still in dreamland that time. He got there around 7.

Anyhoo, we met at Dragon Wok (formerly known as Wok Inn) for lunch and enjoyed their infamous sipa & grilled pusit. The sipa still tastes the same after all these years.
Kuya had to go back to his training so we parted ways. I checked out True Value and bought nightlights. We don't have lamps yet at home so we temporarily use the bathroom lights (equals expensive electricity bill!).

Instead of just a nightlight, I bought something that has a rechargeable battery. So when there's a power failure, we won't bump into one another ;oP

While still inside Park Square, I thought of buying a router so Kuya and I could both surf the net at the same time. I got a Netgear Wireless-N 300. I hope it's an easy setup.

Kuya did the setup when we got home. I'm happy that I can now surf the net anywhere in our house or... or update my Facebook status through my iPhone while I'm bored in the bathroom ;oP

I also noticed that my internet connection improved! Not sure if the router had sumpthin' to do with it. I'm a happy camper now.


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