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Monday, May 11, 2009

Swine Flu Scare

Before leaving the plane (we landed in Japan around 3), we were advised not to get our luggage yet and to stay in our seats. Medical peeps in medical/chemical suits boarded the plane and started taking photos with their thermal cameras.

You know I love photos, but this time, I didn't wanna look at the photographer. I heard a clicking sound and looked up. Oh God! I hope he didn't take a picture of me! Please not me!
The reason why I'm THIS scared shitless is that, a week ago, during our trip to New York, I started sneezing. And for the past week, I've had this terrible cold. I consumed so many tissue paper even! But I kept on feeling my neck with the back of my hand for some alarming warmth but it remained cold.

The photographer went on with his business. Then a guy appeared and started handing out yellow papers. He started walking towards me. Oh God! He stopped right beside me and handed me the yellow ticket. I stopped breathing!

He started speaking, "What is your flight number?" I stammered when I gave him the answer. I looked at the piece of paper and read it. It basically says that I passed the quarantine inspection. I gave out a big sigh of relief!
I told the guy beside me that this ticket looks like the golden ticket that the American Idol contestants get when they passed the first audition. He re-enacted the look of a happy contestant ;oP

In Japan, I waited for a few hours. I started to doze off. It's not good to fly alone when you lack sleep.

I heard an announcement that we're only allowed ONE piece of carry-on luggae. WTF! I had to do some packing before boarding.

After 4 hours, I saw our local airport again. I just hope that there won't be anymore incident regarding my luggage.

Went through Immigration without any hassle. I waited for my luggage for more than 20 minutes. But I was happy to see both.

I passed through Customs and started looking for a sign of my brother. Looked at the faces of the peeps waiting for their loved ones and didn't see my brother. Hmmm... I thought I saw Allen, our neighbor, waving at me so I walked towards him. Unforch, I was wrong.

I looked for the pay phones and instead, found a booth offering a Smart SIM for 500 pesos. At least, I could use somebody's phone to call my brother. I don't have any phone to use. My iPhone and AT&T phones are now useless.

I wasn't successful in the first try. On the second, I heard his voice. He already spotted me wearing my white Ed Hardy jacket.

I quickly walked towards the awaiting families again and looked for a familiar face. Then I saw Lance, Fiong-Fiong, Kuya, Allen, Miguel and Bok. Whew!

It took us more than an hour and a half to reach Bulacan. Saw Mommy, Angela and Disney again. West wagged his tail when he saw me. I also saw another dog, a German Shepherd, in the house. Her name is Betty (from Betty La Fea).

Dinner was a sumptuous chicken tinola (requested for this). I took a bath before hitting the sack.


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