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Friday, June 12, 2009

Are You Proud to be Pinoy?

ask myself that over and over again.

No... when the country is getting poorer and government is doin' nuthin' about it.

No... whenever I see all the freakin' garbage everywhere. The super dirty public restrooms. No tissue even. Ugh!

No... whenever I hit traffic jam every freakin' day from Ayala to Ortigas. So many undisciplined drivers here. 

No... whenever I hear news about Hayden Kho, Con-Ass, holdups and bank robberies.

No... when you can't even trust the police! 

No... whenever I need to ride the Metro and I'm sooo not looking forward to the overcrowded coaches.

No... when the lunch meal that you order keeps getting smaller and smaller. It's like you're ordering Happy Meal portions. 

Yes... whenever I hear foreigners mentioning how good Filipino workers are. Foreign bosses are more appreciative, no?

Yes... whenever Manny Pacquiao wins. Plus, ZERO crime in the country during the fight.

Yes... when good deeds are done by our kababayans abroad.

Yes... whenever I travel abroad, I usually encounter a friendly and very helpful kababayan.

How about you?


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