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Friday, June 19, 2009

Drink & Be Merry.. with Patron

With Joy behind the wheel of her dad's brand spanking new Fortuner, we left Makati around 8 pm. I rode shotgun while Nikks, Beng and Ogz sat comfortably at the back. Jojo & Raz and Freya & Turon brought their own cars. Jun is in another car with the Docs team (Jean, Olive and Bel). Jhe is driving her van with Onse, Robert & Heddy, Diomar and Mitch. We're a big group, needless to say.

Traffic was really bad. 'twas already almost midnight when we arrived at the hacienda. All I can say is the place is huge! When we went inside the big house, my jaw dropped when I saw the wooden furniture. They've got this couch fit for a giant! Found out later that the furniture were crafted by "Jose", one of the caretakers.
Joy then gave us a quick tour of the place. There are lotsa beds to choose from. I thought there were 10 rooms all in all. I dunno which one I'll end up using when I'm wasted later ;oP

I immediately setup the MagicSing while some peeps decided to take photos and some prepared the chips & drinks. Joy found Patron at Rams, a wine store at Pasay Road. She also informed me that you can also get cheap ones at PriceSmart (similar to Costco). We just love Patron. The bestest tequila ever!
The goal of the night is to get Diomar drunk. After the third tequila shot, he informed everyone that he's already pissed. That didn't stop Joy to pour him some more.
Freya, Ogz, Beng, Bel, Jean, Richard and I took turns at the microphone. Unforch, we only have one small teevee. The bigger one was transfered to the other house.
We drank Tequila, Tequila Rose, beer and rhum coke. Bad idea! I got wasted too early. I remember chatting with Jojo about something. I remember smoking a bit. I remember seeing Beng on the rocking chair sleeping. I also remember Jun and Nikks taking me upstairs to sleep ;oP
Next time, we plan to go back with Onaks, Karen and Jet (hear that?!). I promise NOT to mix and match drinks anymore. I woke up with a freakin' bad hangover the next day.



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