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Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Night

Tabel, Nikks, Ogz and I were the first ones to arrive at CenterStage. Kendz and Joy will be joining us later.

I was happy to sing "Get Here" but got disappointed when I couldn't find "Crush", "T-Shirt" and "If I Were a Boy". Nikks sang "Promise Me". Tabel gave us "Hanggang" & "Alipin". Ogz belted out "Listen" and his signature song, "Bukas Na Lang Kitang Mamahalin". Speaking of which, Ogz & I sang "Used to Be" but the long rest period of not being able to sing it has taken its toll on us. We made a comeback though with "With You I'm Born Again". Tabs & Ogz sang "Sun & Moon" and then I snatched Tabs from him and we sang "Last Night of the World".

Joy arrived with her younger brother, King. Kendz arrived shortly but due to some prior commitment, she didn't stay long. She left with Joy.
I must say that the service at CenterStage sucks. The female attendant assigned to us didn't give us any plate & silverware when Tabel's food arrived. We didn't give her any tip though. The beer, advertised as "Below Zero", wasn't really cold. When we asked why, they told us they ran out of it.


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