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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0 Software Upgrade

Upgraded my iPhone software to 3.0 today. I immediately tested the MMS functionality but on the first few tries, it won't work. I had to call Globe hotline (211) to have them checked if my MMS is activated. They informed me that nuthin is wrong with my setup.

They advised me to switch it off first and then send an MMS message to myself. I did that and it worked. Whew! I wonder how much it would cost to send an MMS through iPhone though.

Aside from the MMS, I tested the Landscape texting & Text Forwarding. Sweet!

The Cut-Copy-Paste works in the Messaging & Notes sections.

There's a voice memo feature that is good for recording audio messages. Not sure how long it can last.

I'm happy that I can now send contact info to friends with the "Share Contact" button. No need to write down or memorize the number before sending it to anyone.

I like the shake-me-to-change-the-current-audio-track feature. I saw this in the latest iPod shuffle.



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