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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is There Blood in My Hair?

Quick warning: Don't watch this second ep while eating... especially during the scenes of Lafayette.

I like that the show focuses also on the adjustment period of a new vampire. I hope Bella of "Twilight" watches the show ;oP

I like the shopping scene where Eric was asking Bill about his new look. Watch our for Eric's reaction to the saleslady's comment. He really looks great with short hair! And that comment, "Is there blood in my hair? Pam is gonna kill me" is frickin' funny. Can he be more vain?!

Lafayette finally got his wish. I'm looking forward to seeing his vampire attitude.

Is it just me or the guys are mostly half-nekkid in this episode? Sookie is getting sexier/hotter too (with the short shorts & all). I miss Amy's character (Lizzy Caplan).

It's cute to see Sam transforms to a doggie. Even the dog looks scared at Maryann. But Maryann, I must say, looks fun to hang around with. The inhibitions disappear! She's like a walkin' breathin' ecstasy pill.

I like the scene where Sookie apologized to Jessica. I thought Jessica is gonna pounce on her ;oP



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