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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Morning After

Woke up with a frickin' bad hangover. I went downstairs and looked for the nearest bathroom. Tried to puke but nuthing came out. Hate this feeling but it's the price I have to pay for drinking different types of alcohol last night/early this morning.

I found the couch and continued my sleep.

When I heard Nikks' voice telling me to eat brunch already. I woke up (still with headache) and went directly to the kitchen. Started making coffee. Ogz just woke up too (it's already 2 in the afternoon).

We ate Spam and eggs. I have no appetite but I had to eat sumpthin'.

Then shower was next. That did me good.

Some of the guys checked out the hacienda and had some fresh coconut-nut.

We bid goodbye to Joy's Tita around 3ish. Again, bad traffic on our way home.

Before heading back to Bulacan, we had lunch/dinner at Greenbelt. Nikks & I shared the batchoy and I got some barbecue.


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