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Monday, June 01, 2009

Random Thoughts

Could it be that there's no more Snacku? I checked the grocery today and searched for my favorite snack. I saw Clover Chips, Lays, Cheetos, Chippy, etc. No sign of my green snack. Crappy-crap-crap!

The advantage of not wearing an office uniform (or is it because of my young-looking face?) is that drivers often mistake me as a college dude. So in jeepneys, I get discounts ;oP

Why is it that I get so sleepy in buses?

I was shocked to hear that 96.3 a.k.a. Lite Rock has changed its name to Easy Rock. I don't recognize anymore the station jingles they play. How sad!

I'm craving for Luk Yuen's Halo-Halo congee (perfect for this rainy season). I can't freakin' find one near me! Newsflash: There's a Luk Yuen at Glorietta 5. You can reach them at 856-5199. Am excited to eat there again. Noodle Feast! Yum-oh!

Speaking of restos, I miss "Stomach Inn". I their chopsuey so much. No idea if they've gone bankrupt or they just moved from their Makati Ave branch.


Blogger freya said...

Seriously Don??? College dude??? D nga???

7:47 AM  

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