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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

After Idol comes "So You Think You Can Dance". This is where we see awesome kids with different dance training backgrounds show off their stuff. Well, that's not entirely true. Some are just born to dance.  

In the New York audition, I'm looking forward to watching the Sabra-&-Lisa-Bonet-hybrid Gabi Rojas and Chimezie (he reminds me so much of Twitch) dance.

In the Denver audition, I like Natalie Reid & Brandon Bryant. In Miami, I want more of Janette & Romulo tandem, Silky (second tapper I've seen) and Talia.

In Memphis, I can't wait to see more of the police officer, Marico Flake, Caitlin Kinney (with her sis, Megan) and the Kasprzak Brothers (Evan & Ryan).

One thing that I enjoyed watching in the Los Angeles audition is the Adam Shankman moment. Luv him! Phillip & Arielle and Sammy Ramirez were nice to watch. And let's see if Nathan Trasoras will come back next year. 

In Seattle, the battle between Sex & Leo was hilarious. I wanna see more of Kuponohi'ipoi (luv his hairstyle too). I think Christopher Keller is funny!
As for the jeeges, Nigel's hair is hideous! Mary is back to her screaming. It's nice to see NapTab (I love their choreos from last season) again. Did you catch Sonya having the Big O?

Now let's talk about the host, Ms. Cat Deeley. I really, really, really love her to bits. It's nice to see her dance with the contestants. I'd love to meet her. She looks so much fun to be with!



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