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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Squid Balls and Metro Station

I was too late. When I reached the FX terminal that would take me to Fairview, I didn't see any FX on standby. I asked the dispatcher named Mang Berting and he informed me that the last one already left a few minutes ago. Crappy-crap-crap.

Taking a cab to Philcoa is out of the picture since I don't have money. I thought about taking the Metro. It's already past 9 so there ain't too many passengers anymore.

Before I headed down to the Metro station in Ayala, I caught a glimpse of a cart selling squid balls. I so miss eating 'em so I quickly approached the vendor. Gave him 20 bucks (not sure how much it costs) and he gave me back 5 pieces of squid balls. He asked if I wanted sweet & spicy sauce. I nodded. And then I tasted one.... HEAVENLY! 

The first thing I noticed when I got to the Metro station is that, it hasn't changed a bit. Still busy & alive. There's a long line of peeps going through security. Different shops selling all kinds of things: medicines, CDs, phone cards and food, of course. It looks like a mini mall.

I looked for the Holy Kettle Corn shop and bought two bags for Lance & Fiong-Fiong. Bought my ticket (still 14 bucks) and waited for the Northbound train. I thought about taking the Southbound first to secure me a seat on the way back but thank God the coach I got in wasn't too full.

After 15 minoots or so, I saw the Quezon Avenue station. The fare from there to SM Fairview would set you back 35 bucks. I boarded a bus to Tungko (another 25) and a jeep to Francisco Homes (another 7 bucks). Whew!


Blogger Chel said...

gusto ko ng squid balls at fish balls :(. remember pag nagutom bababa lang sa ayala solved na. :)

7:53 PM  
Blogger knottydon said...

que se jodang magkaron ng Hepa!

8:04 PM  

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