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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Team Jacob

Thanks to my friend, Joy, I was able to finish "New Moon" without carrying my book to and from work. That's the beauty of an audiobook. Now I'm ready to watch the movie version.

Anyhoo, after "reading" the book, I must say that I'm on Team Jacob (sans the horrendous hair extension, of course). I like that he was there for Bella when she needed somebody to take her mind off of a certain vampire. And more importantly, Jacob taught Bella how to be more adventurous. The other one taught her how to... what? piggy back? So lame!

I wanna see the transformation of the wolves.

I think the Volturi scene needs a more exciting twist. It's a ho-hum moment for me. I'm interested though on the costume and production design.

I don't like the ending too. I think Bella should've rushed towards Jacob and ignored the other one.

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