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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers 2

Woke up to the sound of a very excited Lance. "Tito Dondon, 8 o'clock na!" He kept repeating that until I got up and stretched.

We left Bulacan at 9 o'clock. Not sure how bad the traffic is on a Sunday morning.

Lance has an issue with riding airconditioned buses. He gets dizzy and would eventually throw up. I don't want that to happen so I obliged. So we took jeepney rides and reached TriNoma at 11 in the morning.

We immediately went up to the 4th floor where the cinemas are located and got our tickets. I noticed that all 7 cinemas feature this latest Michael Bay film.

Since Lance hasn't eaten yet at Tokyo Tokyo, we went there to have our lunch. I got 2 tempura meals plus some beef misono. I also ordered some red iced tea which I'm sure he'll love.

Around 1, we bought Nacho cheese popcorn from Taters and iced tea. A big one for me (I didn't know this would come in handy later on). Then we looked for our seats. I got ourselves some La-Z-Boy seats and they were super comfy. Of course, I reclined my seat all throughout the movie.

During the desert scene where Prime was still dead and Megatron was chasing Sam & Mikaela, I noticed that Lance was squirming in his seat. Uh-oh. Not a good sign.

I didn't wanna miss the climax so I gave him my empty cup.

Otay, let's talk about the movie. What do I like about it? Uhm, the action scenes, of course. Bumblebee has been given his own fight scene. It was funny to see him crying too (he cried buckets!). But I thought he could already speak in the ending of the first Transformers?

Megan Fox was B-E-A-utiful. Oh, man, those lips!

Leo played by Ramon Rodriguez was useless in the film.

How come there's only one robot that can turn into a human being?

I couldn't distinguish the Autobots from the Decepticons when the planes were bombing the desert. And why is it that there are only a handful of Autobots when there are frickin' too many Decepticons?
I also don't understand why the old Decepticon plane (the one with the cane) was able to transport the peeps from the Air & Space museum to Egypt when he couldn't just grab them again in the desert and place them somewhere safe?
Lastly, don't waste your time waiting for the credits to stop. Nothing there at all!



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