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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

True Blood & Scratches

So we found out from the beginning of this episode that Bill only glamoured Jessica's family. That's good, right? The only bad thing that came out of this is Sookie getting attacked by this new bull Minotaur character. Could this be related to Maryann?

Speaking of Maryann, what's going on with the guests with black eyes? This reminds me of a character in "Heroes" where everyone dies when that same thing happens.

I'm on Team Hoytica. They really look good together. Jessica was pretty in the bar scene.

Our dear Lafayette is still human. Am a bit disappointed. Did you catch Eric winking at him? It looks like there'll be a reunion somewhere down the road.

The scene where Jason was praying and Luke McDonald threw him a pillow was funny. Jason needs to get laid soon.

Am I the only one who jumped when Eric bared his fangs at Sookie? That scratch on Sookie's back is frickin' nasty. I wonder what happens to the victims of the Minotaur? Uhm, Sam, be careful, dog!



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