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Friday, July 17, 2009

America's Favorite Top Ten Dancers

OMG! What an exciting group number from our Bollywood Bombshells. I couldn't take my eyes off Kayla!

In this episode, we get to see solos from ALL our dancers. I like Ade's, Jeanine's, Evan's and Janette's.

Kayla and Evan. I couldn't believe that Evan could dance in Kayla's shoes! I remember wearing Joy's during our Bahamas trip (uhm, it was for a contest, you know) and it was EFFING difficult to wear! Okay, back to the dance. It was good. Not great, but good. Kayla was beautiful during the spin. I don't see chemistry yet though. I don't see Evan as the romantic type. He looks sleepy. He could be in danger.

Janette & Ade. In this number, I enjoyed watching Ade more though. Been a fan of him since he and Melissa danced the Rhumba. It's nice to see his personality in this number. NappyTab even used his comb to hypnotize Janette.

Jeanine & Jason. According to Jeanine, Jason is not that hard to look at all day. I smell romance! So nice to see Travis from Season Two choreographing our beautiful couple. And this is my favorite number of the night! Boy! Jason is a lucky guy. First, he kissed Caitlin and now, Jeanine! We'll deffo see this number again in the finale. Amazing number. Nice song too by Jason Mraz.
Randi & Kupono. I usually enjoy Paso Doble numbers but this time though, it was painful to watch. Randi looked heavy and Kupono didn't look powerful. These two could be in danger too.

Melissa & Brandon. I totally enjoyed their Broadway routine. This is one of my faves from Tyce.
African dance was given to our boys. It was energetic and Evan was cute when he stuck his tummy out.


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