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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Barn Buddy

I started playing this farming game in Facebook today. It's quite simple to play actually.

You are given 1K worth of coins and to start your farm (buy some seeds). Since you start from Level Zero, you're only limited to buying turnips, carrots and corn. As you level up, you get more options.
Your plant goes through different levels of growth. It's exciting when they are already full grown and you can make money out of 'em. Also, you can buy some fertilizers to speed things up.

While waiting for your plants to grow, it usually takes minimum of 3 hours per level upgrade, you can visit your friends' farms and take care of 'em too. You'll be rewarded with coins for doing a good deed.

There are times when bugs invade your crops. Don't worry, there's a spray for that. When weeds grow beside your plants, there's a spray for that too. When your soil gets too dry, you can water it. Nice, no?

You can also be naughty and steal crops from peeps or put weeds/bugs to their plants. If you don't want this to happen to you, you can get a dog to guard your farm. Be careful though (I found out only today) that there are people who set up bugs/weeds for other peeps so when they kill 'em, they level up pretty quickly. You know who you are, ladies! ;oP

One thing nice about this game is that, you don't need to be logged in all the time. You can check your farm every now and then to see if you have weeds or bugs or if it's harvest time already.

I don't have a green thumb so playing this game is the closest thing I've gotten to having one. Trust me, it's addicting!

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