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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Globe Broadband Connection Sucks

We lost our internet connection last June 22nd. Since then, my brother and I have been calling their Customer Support to report the problem. During the first few days, we were told that no system problem can be seen so we just needed to wait. That's what we did. Every single day, we've been following up on our case too.

Last Thursday, we called again and this time, their representative informed us that there is a system restoration or maintenance in Bulacan (why only now?). We were told that Technical Support will give us a call once this has been resolved. Normally, that would take 24 to 48 hours only. But up to now, we still don't have internet connection. 10 days!!!

The problem also lies with the modem that we were given. No light appears on the internet icon. That means, no internet reception whatsoever. My brother also noticed that the equipment heats up very quickly. There really must be something wrong with it.

We would understand if this problem took only a few days but it has been more than a week already and we're still doing the same follow-up calls and hearing the same excuse. We have not received any action or follow through on their part informing us what is going on.

They mentioned there is an ongoing system restoration but some of our neighbors who are also Globe broadband users have connection. How come it's only us who is having this problem?

We used to be Smart broadband customers and we made the switch thinking that Globe is better in quality and service. Sadly, we didn't get both.


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