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Friday, July 03, 2009

Go, Melissa & Ade!

I haven't been blogging about my favorite dance show so today I will do just that.

I don't like seeing Mia Michaels sitting on the jeeges' table. That only means we won't be seeing any of her vun-derful choreos. I luv me some Mia Ems.

Janette & Brandon. Their cha-cha was really nice. I enjoyed the moves. They consistently deliver. Perfect start! After hearing Mia's comments on Brandon, I cried too.

Kayla & Kupono. Kayla sans makeup is a gorgeous lady. She looks like a younger Virginia Madsen (Candyman), no? Kupono, on the other hand, sounds weird. It sounds like he's eating his words. Sonya did a great job with these two.

Randi & Evan. I luv the Joey Dowling choreo. It was cute. Is it just me or Evan looks like he's gonna drop and fall asleep with those Garfield eyes!

Caitlin & Jason. Am not a fan of Brian Freedman, sorry. Didn't like their alien number at all.

Jeanine & Phillip. Jeanine is B-E-A-utiful. NappyTab (Nigel coined this) did another wonderful job with this Kanye West hit.

Melissa & Ade. Their classical Pas de deux is my fave of the night. OMG! Melissa was so graceful and beautiful in their dance number.

Karla & Vitolio. Don't like this couple but I must say, the dance routine was fun. That costume change is the only thing that I liked.



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