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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Miss Luk Yuen

Kuya introduced me to Luk Yuen more than a decade ago. He asked me to try their halo-halo congee (their bestseller). That's also the first time I learned about his special concoction—a mixture of calamansi, soy sauce, chili sauce and ketchup. It tastes so good with all the meat in the congee!

And since I haven't eaten at Luk Yuen for a very long time, I decided to walk over to Glorietta 5 (that's their new location).

The place ain't that busy to think it's noon time. I was given a small bowl of soup and appetizer right away, along with their menu. I searched for the halo-halo congee and another favorite of mine, the Noodle Feast. I was shocked that the latter doubled its price already (280++). Anyhoo, I got myself some congee & fried meat dumpling and iced tea.
I'm happy that the congee still tastes as good as the last time I had it. It still contains my favorite liver, pork balls, beef, some chicken, chicharon and fresh egg. I wish I didn't order anymore the dumplings 'cause the congee itself is VERY filling. I was surprised to see the dumplings' size though. I expected them to be smaller. The appetizer was good. The sauce was sweet & spicy. I wanted more ;oP

I give props to the service that I got. My glass of water was never empty. And the waiters are always roaming around. I hate it when you need one and you can't find one. By the way, they don't have service charge so tipping is a must.

I learned later on that they don't accept credit card payment unless your meal costs 250, at the minimum. Mine wasn't so I just used my charm ;oP



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