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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Afternoon Delight

Reached Trinoma a few minoots before noon. I have no clue where the Red Box is so I asked somebody working there. Unforch, she's also clueless. I looked around the area and found it close to TimeZone.

Spotted Kendz waiting outside too. Uh-oh. That only means I'm the second to arrive. Teehee. Our other friends will be joining us later.

We approached the lobby and requested for our room.

Inside our room, we checked the song list but most of what we like to sing were music videos. Bummer!

I called the receptionist to ask about our lunch deal. It was buffet but they will be serving it in portions right in our room. They don't have a public area to serve them properly. By the way, Red Box has a policy that there shouldn't be any leftover for their buffet promo. Otherwise, we need to pay an extra.

Anyhoo, the food was good. We had pasta, pork, chicken and fillet of fish, perfect for what Kendz's mom cooked for us—laing. OMG! It was so good. Super appetite! We tried to hide it from the waiters 'cause we didn't know if we have to pay extra. We weren't so successful though. One of the waiters noticed it. My mind didn't work right away on what excuse to make. My mouth was open the whole time until he left the room. I should've said, "Uhm, sinuka ko lang yan." (Oh, I just puked it out).

Before 1 o'clock, our other friends arrived. Nikks came with Joy. Jhie came with Tabs. Only one missing is Ogz.
We had fun singing till 3 pm. I got to sing "I Can't Make You Love Me" and some Broadway hits. The ladies sang some Beyonce, Aegis and Sarah G hits.

Kendz also brought us some Ferrero Rocher chocolates so that made our afternoon more enjoyable.

Our friend will be returning back to Singapore in 2 days. Thank you again, Kendz, for a wonderful afternoon treat.



Blogger candylicious said...

you're very much welcome, Don! see you very soon (again :D)... next time we'll be in Red Box Trinoma, I'll bring more laing (just make sure we'll be having free frozen margarita in exchange again hehehe....)

PS: donish, pa-change ng homepage ko sa link mo... eto na ang bago http://www.candygutierrez.com/ :) TIA! :)

3:19 AM  

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