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Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Farm in Farmville

Been playing this Facebook game quite a lot lately (while waiting for my other crops to grow in Barn Buddy and resting from biting necks in Vampire Wars).

I found out that buying those Super Berries (cost only 10 bucks) is the key to leveling up quickly. 2 hours is all it takes and you can get 100 bucks for each harvest. Not bad eh?

Also, after reaching the 30th-K mark in savings, I bought a tractor. I noticed that most peeps bought the red one so I got the pink one. Teehee. The tractor helps in the plowing. Instead of you plowing one square at a time, this gives you an extra 3 more. Sweet!

Farmville has a new feature called Ribbons, you are given 4 colored ribbons for 4 different levels of achievement, with yellow being the lowest and blue as the highest. You are given a ribbon for having neighbors (Local Celebrity), harvesting trees (Knock on Wood), collecting animals (Noah's Ark), etc.

One cute thing about this game is the adoption of lost animals. I keep getting black sheep from friends. I also got a brown cow once. So cute!

Having trees, crops and animals in your farm can take up quite a space. So if you already have 10K, you may want to expand your farm already. I plan to increase the size of my farm from 14x14 to 20x20. But first, I need 75K to do that. Be right back!

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Blogger tabel said...

bat nawala bigla yung super berries sa seed roster ko? wahhhhhhhh babalik pa ba yun?

1:37 AM  

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