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Monday, August 03, 2009

Rest in Peace, Tita Cory

Two days ago, the Philippines wept when the news came about the death of an ex-President. Today, we here in Makati got the chance to see her.

Razil, Beng, Meng and I went outside and battled the afternoon heat. Too bad we forgot to wear yellow in support. We saw people waiting outside their buildings and throwing confetti, shredded yellow paper pages mostly. There were people wearing yellow bands and waving flags bearing the image of the dearly departed President.
After waiting for some minoots, the crowd grew frantic. Peeps pushing here and there to get a better view. "Magkaisa", a Virna Lisa hit back in the 80s, was being played loudly. Hands were raised flashing the Laban sign.
The truck bearing the body of Cory was filled with flowers. We saw the van carrying her immediate family. The crowd went wild when they saw James Yap, the hubby of Kris Aquino. We didn't wanna get crushed so that's when we decided to go back to the office.


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