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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

Guess who's back???

Yep, I stopped blogging last August when I became hooked in Facebook, particularly FarmVille. I spend maybe about 3 hours harvesting, plowing, seeding, brushing my animals or decorating my farm. Some people don't get it how addictive this game really is. I have so many friends playing this game and it helps because you can get a lot of good stuff from them, including cash.

Anyhoo, I'm not going to talk about FarmVille here. Let me just say that 2009 was very good to me. I've had three memorable trips.

Cathy, Joy, Trix (with daughter in tow), Ogz and I had our first cruise experience with Royal Caribbean. It's been my most unforgettable trip ever! It's like a dream come true for me.

Miami was next and it was there where I had my first tattoo (plan to have more). Thanks to Morgwn of Miami Ink. I also met the co-owner, Ami James.

And of course, I celebrated my birthday in Singapore where I was reunited with my old friends. I so miss them! I also had my first F1 race experience. Even though i'm not really a fan, it was quite a rush watching them fast cars.

With Kuya and family returning back from Boracay, I get to spend more time with Lance, Fiong-Fiong and Disney. Disney is such an affectionate baby. Very generous with her hugs & kisses.

Last year was when I stopped drinking soda. It was such a big decision for me and I'm happy I made that decision.

Am not gonna make my new year's resolution 'cause I know that I ain't gonna keep 'em. One thing's for sure though, "Knottydon" will deffo be back this year!


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