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Friday, January 08, 2010

Hookah Night

After a very draining week, it's quite nice to unwind with friends. Am done with my antibiotics so I can get my alcohol fix once more. Wicked!

Beng, Ogz, Rich and I proceeded to a bar called Toyz. This is the closest bar to the office. We ordered a bucket of Gilbey's Premium beer. Love the taste!

Harley arrived a few minoots later. He got himself some Red Horse.

It was Richie's birthday a few days back so we celebrated it tonight. He bought us some sizzling mushrooms, calamares, chicken wings, potato wedges and peanuts to complement our booze. He noticed that it didn't take long before we consumed everything. He joked that we should've gone to Jollibee first.
While chatting, Ogz mentioned Hookah. I told them that I wanna try it. Ogz & Beng have tried it before. We all got excited 'cause there's a hookah bar at Greenbelt.

After Richie took care of the bill (happy birthday again, PapaRizzi!), we proceeded to Bollywood. Unforch, all the pipes were taken. 2 hours of waiting ain't gonna cut it so we checked out Bed Space. This time, we're lucky.

Our booze arrived first in a giant tower. Photo op, of course!

When the hookah was served, we requested for individual mouthpieces. Richie was first. No smoke came. Beng showed him how to do it. Then it was my turn. Inhaled deeply then I blew out the apple-flavored smoke. Mmmmmm....

After my fifth smoke, I began to feel warm and started perspiring profusely. Kept wiping my forehead, neck, chest and back. WTF! I stopped drinking & smoking and took a nap. It was such a weird feeling.

Next thing I knew, Anbby and Ramil already joined the group.

We transferred to a table inside. Beng & Ogz danced for awhile. Our eyes caught the attention of two American ladies. We kept telling Anbby to dance with them but he just shook his head.



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