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Monday, January 11, 2010

My Coffee Fix

This is one of the wisest decisions I made late last year. When we had our company exchange gift, I requested for this, my very own coffee press. Super thanks to Ramil who granted me this wish.

It's kinda intimidating at first because I never owned one. Good thing it came with instructions (teehee).

For those of you who still doesn't know how to use one, here's a quick tutorial:

1) While waiting for your water to boil, take out the plunger.

2) Put 2 scoops (mine has 3-mug capacity) of coarse ground coffee. Request for a bigger size of grounds from your barista.

3) Pour some hot water (leave some space for the plunger) and stir with wooden or plastic spoon. Never use metal.

4) Replace the plunger. Wait for 4 minutes. The longer the waiting time, the stronger the taste.

5) Carefully and slowly press the plunger down.

6) Easy peasy, no? Enjoy!



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