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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Cycling to Christmas Trees

For the past few weeks, I've been thinking of getting a bike. Nope, I ain't gonna take up cycling. I don't plan to be another Lance Armstrong either. I just wanna get a nice one so I can bike around my neighborhood. I see people on bikes and they look happy, compared to people relying on their two legs.

My friends suggested I go to Cartimar but knowing myself, if I could get a bike from somewhere nearby, I'd rather go there.

I checked out R.O.X at the Bonifacio High Street. Their cycling section is on the third floor. Long way up the stairs.

I circled around the area and was shocked to see the price tags. 18K, 34K, 64K, 120K, etc. I quickly approached one sales rep and asked if he could point me where the cheapos are.

I found one by the Merida section. The price is still in the 5 figures but it's the cheapest there is. According to the sales rep named Allen, it's really a good brand. There were only 3 to choose from: black with red & white lining, royal blue and lastly, white with gray & purple lining. Guess which one I chose?
Perfect height. Smooth ride. There's a number on the price tag that says 24". I thought it had something to do with the bike frame. Stupid. It's the wheel size.

The bike comes with reflectors and a bell. I asked for a mini-light but the sales rep looked at me weirdly so I quickly changed the subject.

The sales rep then checked the air on the tires and the brake. Afterwards, he gave me a slip so I could pay downstairs.

After handing my credit card, the lady (with strange blue eyes) behind the counter informed me that their HSBC transaction is not working. I asked her if they could do sumpthin' about it. Call HSBC or something. But she just shook her head. Crap! I was so excited to ride my bike!!!

Feeling defeated, I gave them my number so they could call me when everything is back to norm.

Instead of going home, I checked out the Christmas decor at Market! Market! I found a small Christmas tree. 4 feet. Not too short nor tall for my condo. I searched the area for motif inspiration. Blue & silver colors tickle my fancy.

So tonight, instead of enjoying my new bike, I'll just decorate my Christmas tree while singing my favorite Christmas carols.

And after 30 minoots or so of decorating my Christmas tree, I present it to you now.

Looks bare at the bottom, no? I am now accepting gifts. They would look really great on the base of my tree ;oP

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