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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Baby, Brutus

This Cesar commercial introduced me to this uber adorable dog breed called West Highland White Terrier. I thought that if I ever get to have a new dog, it would HAVE to be a Westie.

And so I began searching for local breeders. I found one in Navotas. This was a few weeks before I moved to Taguig. I promised the Normie, the breeder, that I will return and buy one from her. She was selling 4 pups at that time.

After settling in to my new place, I went back to get my puppy. I found out that there's only one left and it's a male pup. This puppy has gone through serious bullying from his female siblings. When I first saw him, he's shy and quiet. But he licked my fingers through his cage so that's a good sign.

Normie gave me his PCCI papers and was kind enough to give me some dog food starter. After paying her, I hailed a cab. We began our 1.5 hour travel to this pup's new home. I was praying the whole time that he won't pee on my lap.

I started talking to him by his new name, Brutus.

During his first few days, I had difficulty walking him. He won't leave the balcony and won't even climb down the stairs. He kept on smelling his new home. He pees everywhere except on the newspaper that I laid down. He was still acclimating.

I found a new vet for him at Animal House here in Market! Market! I immediately had him groomed and gave him some shots.

Fast forward to today, Brutus is playful, tenacious but very lovable. He's got the most beautiful pair of eyes. He just turned 1 last November 4th. And for his birthday, I gave him some Cesar food treats, a big bone, and a frisbee to play with. He even got his own Facebook account!

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