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Friday, November 19, 2010

On My Way Home

Instead of hailing a cab going home yesterday, Maan (a colleague) and I decided to find the FX station at SM Makati. I was informed by a friend of mine that there are FXs there en route to Taguig.

My taxi fare going home varies. Sometimes when I really need to go home early, I give 24/7, a taxi service, a call. Instead of the usual 30-peso flag down rate, I pay 75 plus the meter amount. That is double than my regular fare, which is 100 bucks normally. If I have a wallet, I would say it would bleed to death.

If there's nuthin' good on tv and it's still early, I ride the Bonifacio bus from De La Rosa street. From there, it would take me to Ayala plus a brief stopover to SM Makati. Then it would cross EDSA and stop on the other side, where I would get off and board another bus going to Market! Market! That only costs me 11 pesos. From Market, I would ride a jeep (7 pesos). Then I would get off at Diego Silang, cross the street and then ride a tricycle (10 pesos). If I wanna go solo, I would pay 30 bucks.

And then there's my good friend, Noel. I get a free ride home since he lives in Taguig too. I really, really, really appreciate this kindness!

I'm really desperate to find another option. So we found the Taguig section near SM Makati. I asked the barker if the FX would take me as far as BCDA, a housing project near my place. He said yes. Whew! Maan lives in FTI so she can ride on a jeep where I'd be getting off too.

The good news is, the fare is only 30 bucks. Sweet!


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