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Monday, November 15, 2010

Once a Writer, Always a Writer

FarmVille is the main reason why I stopped blogging. I spent so many days and nights tending my farm and making it beautiful (please visit my farm and let me know if it sucks). I'm now at level 91 and my target is level 100. I have also been trying to master each and every crop (which seems to be impossible since the Zynga gods won't stop introducing new crops), asking for gifts from neighbors and giving them some in return, and building various stuff. Because of this very addictive game, I have made a lot of new friends. That's good, no?

Anyhoo, since I finally got the Unwither Ring (no more withered crops), I could now take a breather. I don't need to worry about my crops anymore. Whew! And that's the reason why I'm going back to blogging. God, I so miss writing!

So just to give you a brief update on my life:

I thought the daily commute from Makati to Bulacan is really killing me. I ain't that young anymore, y'know! So I asked my friend, Raz, to introduce me to an agent. I thought it's about time to have my own place. After only 2 weeks, I moved in. Yeah, I was
that desperate to move.

The main factor why I chose Rosewood Pointe is that, it is a resort-type condo. Very relaxing and quiet. The swimming pool is quite nice. Gym is ok. We have a SkyLounge but I haven't visited it yet. Basketball and badminton courts are of no concern to me. Teehee.

Rosewood is not
that far from the office. I once left my place at 7:30 and reached the office at 5 minutes to 8 in the morning. The nearest mall (Market! Market!) is like 10 minutes away. Bonifacio High Street and Serendra, nice shopping areas, are all nearby. I heard that SM Hypermarket is coming my way soon too. Sweet! St. Luke's Hospital is quite near too.

The only downside of having a new place is that you want everything to be nice and new too. Let's just say, HSBC is extremely happy with my spending this year.

I could say that getting my own place is the biggest thing that happened to me this year. And let's not forget my new four-legged baby, Brutus.

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