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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dexter, Season One

My friends have been recommending this show to me. Alwyn, in fact, couldn't contain himself from telling a bit of the story. He said it's the story of a forensics specialist in blood-spatter analysis who kills serial killers on the side. That guy is Michael C. Hall from my fave HBO series, "Six Feet Under".

To all, you, fans out there, bear with me. I just started watching the show. I like that the setting is Miami, FL. New York, Chicago, and LA are so common in shows now that you'd think these are the only cities in the US.

There's one background tune that sounds like the opening theme of "X-Files".

I don't know what's the weather like in Miami but in some of the scenes, you can see sweat marks on the actors' clothes. Of course, that can be just effects.

Dexter's foster dad is "Sex and the City's" Samantha's lover. The kiddo who plays a young Dexter is so cute and he really looks like a young Michael. Kudos to the casting department. The teenager version, uhm, not so much. Jennifer Carpenter, the sis, was Emily Rose if her face looks familiar to ya. Just typing Emily Rose gives me the creeps! I like the bro-sis scenes. I like how they support each other.

I noticed that the writers made it a point to show Dexter doing normal stuff, like eating. You don't normally see that in shows. And yep, he's using a Mac too. Great taste ;oP

My Spanish is limited. I only got as far as the second level (didn't even finish it). I only wish that they put subtitles when Laguerta & Angel are speaking in their language.

My favorite episodes in the first season would have to be the sixth entitled "Return to Sender", the 11th, "Truth Be Told" and the explosive 12th, "Born Free". Now, on to the second season in my next "Dexter" review.

If you get squeamish at the sight of blood, this show is deffo not for you.



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