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Friday, June 20, 2008


Banoodles came from Mia Michaels. She's got some weird vocab alright. She also just had her hair bleached. Like it.

Enuff of Mia and let's go over the remaining 18 dancers:

Chelsea & Thayne. I'm disappointed with their performance. I love these two but they might be in trouble tomorrow night. Thayne's look doesn't even come close to being a King.

Chelsie & Mark. I love the tango. Did you see the footwork? I just love watching them together. One of my favorite performances. I wanna smell Chelsie's hair too!!!

Jessica & Will. The jeeges (according to Cat Deeley) love him. They even predicted that he'll be one of the Top 4 dancers. Will is insane.

Kourtni & Matt. I don't think they would be in the bottom three. Go giants! It's funny that they featured Matt's horrible singing.

Courtney & Gev. I'm happy that Mandy Moore gave them a very nice choreography. It reminds me of last season's Lacey & Kameron's "
Dancing" number. I love this pair. Too bad, Courtney is already taken. Anouk's "Lost" is the song that they used.

Katee & Joshua. Strong pair and it's pretty obvious that they're one of the jeeges' favorites. Their dance was fun to watch. I like Joshua and Will to dance off in the finale.

Susie & Marquis. Based on the jeeges' comments, they're deffo be in the bottom three tomorrow. But I feel for Susie. She did well.

Kherington & Twitch. Love the Celine Dion song that they used. I love the lifts. They are a beautiful couple alright. But the huge gap between Kherington's brows is quite distracting.

Comfort & Chris. It's nice to see Comfort in her element. I dunno if Chris buh-ring it though.

Ugh! I didn't wanna see Nigel grabbing his crotch EVER again. I'm a HUGE fan of Mia Michaels. When I saw her as one of the jeeges, my heart sank. It only means she didn't do any choreography this week =o(

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Anonymous augs said...

here are my top 5 dancers:
will, mark, kherington, katee & joshua

9:24 PM  

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