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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bye Bye, Chelsea & Chris

Oh my godzilla! I heart Adam Shankman! He's so funny and very supportive to the kids. I'm happy that he's back as one of the jeeges. Can't wait to see him do a choreography for our contestants.

Otay, let's talk about the performances. It's down to the Top 16 contestants. I like that their dance numbers are longer now:

Kherington & Twitch. I like the binocular shoes moment. I also like their exit. And for the first time, Kherington wasn't just smiling throughout the dance.

Courtney & Gev. My gurl is smokin' hot. Wowza!!! My favorite performance of the night. Thanks to Melanie & Tony for that wonderful choreo. Did you notice that Courtney's skirt got snagged by her heel? Good thing she corrected it right away.

Comfort & Chris. I think what contributed to the demise of their partnership is Tyce's choreo. It wasn't really that good compared to his previous ones. Plus, the dancing wasn't organic & raw enuff.

Jessica & Will. I enjoy watching Will. When he's dancing, you can feel the passion. He rocks that Travolta pose! As for Jessica, I dunno. I would've loved to see Will with Lacey from last season. I must say, they have the funniest ending ever!

Kourtni & Matt. Yay! We've got a new choreographer named Sonya. Weird hair. Weird choreo too but I enjoyed it.

Chelsea & Thayne. Didn't like the background song. They didn't look comfy nor happy while dancing. Thayne will have a new partner next week. Comfort is more masculine than Thayne though. We'll see how they would adjust.

Chelsie & Mark. Their number reminds me of a previous Tabitha & Napoleon's choreography which features the current hit, "No Air". I love the Chelsie-Mark tandem. Did you know that Leona Lewis is not the original singer of "Bleeding Love"? It's a Jesse McCartney original. He even co-wrote it with Ryan of OneRepublic.

Katee & Joshua. Mary was right. This pair truly does come with "Satisfaction Guaranteed" warranty. Katee's grunting was cute. Oh, those horrible tight pants.

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