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Monday, June 02, 2008

Dexter, Season Two

Our favorite serial killer of serial killers is back.

Aww, they replaced Cody, the cute son of Rita =o( It's about time that their dad, Paul Bennett, got his haircut. His last one was horrible. Unforch, he peaced the spork out so soon.

It's funny that Little Chino is anything but little. That guy was humongous! Doakes (Erik King) looked so tiny beside him.

The ghost of "Six Feet Under" is haunting Michael C. Hall. The writers did the talking-to-dead-peeps scene in the second episode. Deb's Marc Anthony-ish fiancé makes a comeback.

Speaking of Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter), she has upgraded her taste in men. Prior to meeting Lundy, of course.

Lila (Jaime Murray), Dexter's NA sponsor, is a nice addition to the cast. Her character has a very interesting hobby too. She's got some loose screws but she's smokin' hot! The best quote of the second season is, "Oh, pardon my tits".

I will miss Doakes in the third season. I'm wondering what other twists they can offer. Maybe, Deb getting suspicious finally about her brother?

My favorite episodes would have to be the 8 ("Morning Comes") and 9th ("Resistance is Futile") episodes. The empty pot incident was hilarious. I like the scene where Doakes finally discovered the slides and when he confronted Dexter. Do you have any favorite moment(s)?



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