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Thursday, June 12, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Let's go over our Top 20:

Rayven & Jamie. The pulling down of the pants was the only thing that I remember from their routine. Not very memorable.

Susie & Marquis. Not sure if they made quite an impact with the audience.

Kourtni & Matt. The Giants. I enjoyed their performance. Not sure why Nigel commented on Matt to loosen up. It looked to me that he enjoyed their dance too. Kourtni is pretty ;oP

Chelsea & Thayne. He reminds me of Benjie, personality wise and he kinda looks like him too.

Chelsie & Mark. Chelsie is cute as a button. I love this pair. Mia Michaels is pure genius. Did you see the way Mark folded Chelsie and she dropped to the floor?

Twitch & Kherington. I dunno if you noticed but Twitch's name came first when they were introduced. Hmmm... He also got an extra promotion with that gum or sumpthin'. At least, he's improved in his dancing skills.

Comfort & Chris. I like her personality.

Katee & Joshua. I like that they paid tribute to families whose dad/husband/brother/lover is fighting for the country. I hope that they would do good in other dancing styles.

Jessica & Will. Will is one of my favorite male dancers based on his audition alone. I'm glad he delivered.

Courtney & Gev. SHE is my crush in the show. I hope she gets to dance more. Gev looks like a younger brother of Steve-O. As for their disco routing, I'm totally disappointed. Nuthin' special there.

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