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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top Ten Food I Miss (Part Two)

In less than a month, i'll get to see my family (plus, the new baby), friends and the Philippines again. Not too happy with the pollution, long travels to and from work and the heat. Oh my godzilla, I get to taste local food again. Yay!!! I made a list before of food that I miss, I'll do it again.

Hen Lin Siomai (they are the best siomai in the land)

Sipa, Grilled Pusit and Halaan Soup at Wok Inn

Ineng's barbecue (all the meat)

Tapa King's Tapa Queen

Sentro's Corned Beef Sinigang (the spicier, the bettuh)

KFC's hot & spicy chicken with the best gravy in the world

Purefoods Hotdog (the best hotdog ever)

Paksiw na Besugo plus bagoong plus garlic fried rice

Laing na super spicy (paging Kendz)

Spaghetti and Thin-Crust Pizza of Shakey's



Blogger candylicious said...

hehehe... kelan ka ba babalik? at ng makapagpaluto sa nanay ko ng laing na super anghang.. exclusive for knottydon hehehe... and speaking of henlin siomai... super agree ako sa 'yo.. yung ang best siomai in the world! just had 5 of it kaninang lunch hehehe...

5:08 PM  
Blogger knottydon said...

July na uwi ko, gurl! kita-kits ulit. Laing ko ha ;oP super thanks!

11:11 PM  

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