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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Catching Up with the Gossip Girl

I may be the only tv addict who still doesn't watch "Gossip Girl". Most of my friends (girls AND boys) do and whenever they talk about it, I just think about sumpthin' else 'cause I can't participate.

Anyhoo, Joy bought the first season DVD and last night, I, along with Joy & Freya, watched the first few episodes.

Now, what can I say? I like watching Serena. She's got smokin' body (love her in jeans and in her school uniform). She looks like a younger, meatier and prettier version of Gwyneth Paltrow.

Blair reminds me of a brunette Alicia Silverstone. She's cute as a button. 

I love underdogs so I'm in Team Dan-Serena. Who cares for Nate?! He can stay with his pal, Chuck, for all I care.

Eric, Serena's brother, reminds me of the kid from "X-Men" who does the ice thingie.

Was shocked to find out from Joy that Jenny (Taylor Momsen) was the girl in "The Grinch" movie. OMFG, I'm old!

So it's Kristen Bell's voice behind the blogger, Gossip Girl. 

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Blogger ruthie said...

hi don, i love Gossip Girl! dito ko lang din sa US yan hinabol.. and i also like Dan and Serena. weeee!!

9:27 PM  

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