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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Need a Hero!

2 hours of all the Heroes characters we've missed. Let's start from the ones that we love.

Gabriel a.k.a Sylar is badder than ever. I thought he'd kill Elle (ma belle). Can't wait to see him kill the Level 5 mischiefs.

I'm really happy that the Petrelli brothers are still intact. Although Nathan has gone a little looney.

So Peter is trapped inside the body of this bald BAD guy. How the hell did that happen? I think his powers are gone temporarily?

It looked like Peter passed the torch to Mohinder Suresh. Would Mohinder be half-nekkid in all the episodes?

Nikki Sanders or not, Tracy Strauss is an icy fox. Her new power may be a side-effect of what was injected to her before. Whachathink?

I'm glad to see Claire reunited briefly with his dad, Noah Bennet. I found out from imdb.com that he is Jack Coleman.

Couldn't care less with what's going on with Hiro-Ando-and the Flash girl, Daphne. *yawns*

Maya is still useless. I see Mohinder shaking his head.

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