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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TV Land

So many things to watch on teevee nowadays. After a hard day's work, it's nice to just sit in front of the telly (or while eating din-dins too).

For this week, two shows will re-emerge: "Pushing Daisies" and "Private Practice". Can't wait to see my Addison again.

Prison Break. I'm getting used to the whole "Mission: Impossible" vibe. It's nice to see the actors working together for a change. This shouldn't be called Prison Break anymore 'cause nobody's in prison anymore.

True Blood. In this week's episode, we got a peek into the vampires' world through a cheesy bar called "Fangtasia". Too bad nuthin' much happened there. Jason (Ryan Kwanten) had some funny moments because of his stupidity. Does it say in his contract that he has to be nekkid in all the eps?

America's Next Top Model. Can't believe Clark's gone already. I think she deserves to stay for an ep or two. My bet is still Lauren Brie from Virginia =oP

Gossip Girl. After watching Chuck (Ed Westwick) for some time now, I think he's got the best role among the boys of GG. Also, I think he could pass off as one of the vampires in "Twilight". In fact, he could play Edward. Wait, is that a bag that B threw at S? Gossip Girl would love that. xoxo!

Dancing with the Stars. Rumba or Paso Doble. I enjoyed watching the performances since I these two styles of dance. Both are sexy. So I expected some hot dance moves from our contestants. I enjoyed Lance & Lacey's number. I think Len doesn't really like Lance. He's giving him sixes. I wanted more from my Brooke though. Whaddaeff is wrong with Kim? She cannot dance at all! Just too bad. We won't see her strut her stuff anymore.



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