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Monday, November 17, 2008

TeeVee Landia

Quick run through on what's going on on tv land:

Prison Break - just in case you haven't heard yet, it's the last season of "Prison Break". Heck, they already killed off one of their most beloved characters, Bellick. I'm glad that they did a little tribute and not just forget about him. Our handsome hero, Scofield, is dying. Boohoo. I wanna see how they will bring down the Company though. I'm just hoping for a happy ending.

Gossip Girl - Watching Little J going back to her family is quite touching. I don't care about the new character who replaced Dan in Serena's heart. I'm still on Team Dan-Serena. I want the focus back to S and B, for Pete's sake!

Dancing with the Stars - And then they were three: Warren, Lance and Brooke. I'm gonna vote for Brooke on Monday come hell or high freakin' water.

Heroes - I'm on Team Sylar-Elle. They really look good together. In the next episode, it's gonna be pretty interesting because all our heroes will lose their powers. I'm pretty sure there's an exception though.

America's Next Top Model - It's clear that McKey would become the winner in this season. She deffo deserved it. She's come a long way from her awkward-boxing poses, no?



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