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Monday, November 10, 2008

TV Land

I haven't blogged about my favorite teevee shows in a while. Lemme give you a rundown on what's happening on tv land.

True Blood. So now we know what lurks behind the character of Sam. He's a shape shifter. I knew that he's got a connection with that dog that keeps appearing every now and then. Otay, a vampire can choose whether to just bite a person or convert him/her. When Bill bit Sookie, I thought Sookie's gonna be a vampire in the first season right away. Amy (Lizzy Caplan) is very pretty. I didn't know she was also in "Mean Girls" and "Cloverfield". I think Terry could be the killer. I'm getting a weird vibe off of him from the latest episode.

Desperate Housewives. Oh, my G! I sooo miss Frances Conroy (Ruth Fisher from "Six Feet Under"). I'm happy to see her again on tv even if the character is not so substantial. Also, it's nice to see Mrs. McCluskey again. I thought they would retire her character. Did you catch Sprint making a shameless plug? Lily Tomlin joins the cast too. Yay! Oh, why are Lynette & Tom's kids so... uhm... fugly? They were cute kids!

Dancing with the Stars. Go, go, Brooke!!! The last woman standing. Love her. She deserves that freakin' trophy! Am gonna vote my ass off in two weeks. Len Goodman should go easy on her. She ain't a PRO, bro.

America's Next Top Model. Top three models: McKey, Sam and Analeigh. Hmmm... who am I rooting for? I think McKey would get the honor. But Analeigh is giving her a run for her money though. Our skater girl has deffo improved!



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