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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

I noticed right away that this episode looks like one of those episodes reserved for Valentine's Day presentation. Everyone seems so happy with their partners. We have Sam and the new love of his life, Daphne (who happens to be a shape-shifter). I have a feeling that their love affair will be short lived though. Then Terry & Arlene. Tara & Eggs (not too exciting anymore). Hoyt & Jessica are just the cutest couple (I thought they would do sumpthin' else involving the phone). Of course, there's Sookie & Bill.
Let's talk about the new character, Barry. Shouldn't he be more happy to find someone of his own kind? I hope we get to see him again sometime soon.

Jason finally got lucky inside the LoDI. He'll be surprised once Sookie makes her surprise visit there. It would be fun to see these two in the middle of some vampire action.

Is it just me who thinks that the photo of the young Tara, Sookie and Grandma Adele looks sooo Photoshopped?
It's nice to see the "alive" version of Eric. And finally, we get to see Godric (so Dave Navarro-ish), who happens to be Eric's maker.
Speaking of makers, guess who's back to stir things up? It's Eric's maker, Lorena. She knows how to make a grand entrance, eh?

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